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I gotta tell you

25. Jula 2014. u Nekategorisano

I gotta tell you, that was some good to hear! It meant we were well and truly home and could relax with others of our species. We would be at one with the universe as we remembered it, and of which we were basically and fundamentally the children of. It was getting back to our roots and a reminder of who we were..

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Not the finest coaching moment for our team. Felt like fun at the time though. Guess I've grown up.. Could you give me the titles of two good books on craps? I believe you listed them previously in one of your columns. I should have written them down, but didn't. Chris A.A: The two books that I would recommend for the dice apprentice are”Beat the Craps Out of the Casino” by Frank Scoblete or “Henry Tamburin's Craps: Take the Money and Run.” Both explain the various bets, payoffs, correct oddsand playing strategies for the game of craps..

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OK, so judging from the steep decline in the teachers to administrators ratio since my good old days as a student at St. Andrews Elementary, Junior High and High, 21st century public education is long on officers and short on enlisted men and women. (The military analogy averted a once common phrase that's now presumably objectionable to readers offended by the nickname of Washington's inept NFL team.).

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