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Many identify with Tea Party movement

6. Juna 2010. u Nekategorisano

I'm not surprised yet another columnist took a cheap shot at the Tea Party movement but the April 18 column from Wesley Hughes was not only vile and false, it failed to connect any dots between his evidence and opinion. In his column, Hughes cites an April 14 New York Times/CBS News poll as justification that the Tea Party movement is nothing more than a bunch of angry racists driven to activism because the president is black. First, I want to refute his allegation. I joined the Redlands Tea Party Patriots because I am deeply concerned about our country's slide into socialism. I don't want my son to grow up in a country where every citizen is addicted to government hand outs. Individualism is what made America great. If I wanted to become a European, I would have moved there. Further, I am a deacon in my church. Army Reserve as well as a father and husband. I would never risk my credibility by joining a group with questionable motives. I would have fled had I caught the slightest whiff of racism. Back to Hughes: He writes that he is saddened because a majority of Tea Party supporters feel President Obama does not share their values or understand their problems. Hughes, somehow, interprets this as racism despite no evidence in the original story supporting his view. Hughes is clearly using the race card to bludgeon people who oppose his politics and to intimidate others from participating in the democratic process. Had he stuck to criticizing the Tea Party's views, I would have just grumbled about his column on Facebook. An April 5 Rasmussen poll found 48 percent of Americans said they identify more with the views of the Tea Party movement than those of the president. That same poll said 44 percent of Americans identified more with Obama than with the Tea Party on major topics. Common sense says the Tea Party cheap jerseys movement wouldn't be experiencing such widespread public support had those involved held racist views. Polls released April 4 show that 40 percent of the Tea Party movement is Democrat and independent the same people who put Obama in the White House by a whopping seven point percentage spread in 2008. In addition, Hughes stresses that the New York Times/CBS News poll shows that the average Tea Party member is male, white, over 45, does well financially and is conservative and well educated. Ironically, that poll, less the finances and conservatism, could have been describing the average American newsroom, so I don't understand how its findings were twisted into a racist broad brushing. I'm not your average subscriber to The Sun. I was a newspaper reporter for nearly 20 years, including nearly five as a columnist. No publication I have ever worked for, not even my college paper, would have allowed such a baseless tirade into the paper. I would have been challenged to support my opinion because the newspaper's creditability is at stake with each article or column it prints or posts. The Sun's editors must also accept blame. Even in downsized newsrooms, at least two editors review copy before it's published. It's clear that The Sun's editors failed to adequately supervise their columnist. The Sun is the last newspaper adequately covering San Bernardino County. We no longer have competition to turn to when a paper publishes material as baseless and loathsome as Hughes’ crass opinion. John F. Berry lives in Redlands.

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