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Many miles to go

6. Juna 2017. u Nekategorisano

His point being that, no matter which road he took, there were many miles to make between points A and B, and no short cuts to a cheap fare. It was the destination we should value while counting the cost of the journey.

This memory was brought to mind on Friday by the plan to forcibly amalgamate many councils across the state.

The lead up to that morning's merger announcement had many people feeling annoyance, apprehension, and anger.

None were too happy with the State Government steering the course from behind a seemingly partitioned wheel. Certainly no one was too sure what destination the Baird government had in mind on driving down this road.

Some councils came away from the Premier's webcast feeling no better; others, with enormous sighs of relief, and a little assurance there would be sufficient pennies in the State's proffered purse to afford the ride.

Even the Goulburn Mulwaree mayor's mood lifted across the day as he considered the path cheap jerseys that now lay ahead.

Mayor Geoff Kettle had been concerned that being made to merge with some neighbouring councils could bring too few ratepayers to cover the increased infrastructure and maintenance needs such a mega shire would demand.

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