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March 28 Bless Your Heart

6. Juna 2017. u Nekategorisano

The same way we encouraged undocumented aliens to come here forever while we looked the other way since they provided such cheap labor at a wage Americans wouldn't do the work for, we have also created a baby making industry by encouraging unwed motherhood. The more babies, the higher the monthly check. As a country we have the best intentions, but brainless policies that cause unintended consequences, bless our hearts.

Bless the property owner of the Starbucks on 10th Street. Despite the connector adding bike lanes that will end at this corner of Evans, and being so close to campus, Starbucks refuses to add a simple bicycle rack to this location. This forces bicycles to use car parking spaces or lock their bikes up on the patio railing and harm the landscaping. The Starbucks in Winterville, Duncan Donuts and Krispy Kreme all have bike racks.

BYH to our newly grounded Greenway mayor! Since when did you become an active proponent for our greenways? It was just two years ago you blew up the bond referendum over the inclusion of greenways.

BYH to all the council members trying to protect existing student housing complexes from going under! If these complexes were properly built and were nice, students would want to live there! I say with poorly built apartment complexes! to those council members who were a part of the student housing cheap jerseys shake down this week! I guarantee that all of you receive contributions this fall from the 10th Street student housing complex investors you sought to protect.

Bless your heart to the ECU students whining about a conservative speaker on the schedule to speak next month. In case you didn't know it, the right to free speech applies to both liberal and conservative alike. Maybe the faculty should instruct you in a balanced set of ideas. You might even grow up to be productive members of society.

Bless your heart Mayor Thomas for voting down the student housing complex on Charles Boulevard. I always thought the land had a better use like another parking deck.

Bless My Heart! I used to wonder how so many people could be so gullible, until it dawned on me how many people believe in God. I do not wonder anymore.

Bless my heart. Due to botched surgery by Army doctors, I have severe heart difficulty and 100 percent disability. Evidently I am the first casualty of this new crowd's slash and cut mentality, a political ideology of more tax cuts for the immensely wealthy, while cutting me to approximately $1.30 per day in food assistance. Many may rejoice at this information, but just remember: there but for the grace of God go you.

BYH to the parents who allowed their children to become college age cry babies. After four years of party and bar hopping, your grownup children can move back in with you because they cannot handle living in the real world.

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