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market produce bus to make stops in low

6. Juna 2010. u Nekategorisano

ORLANDO, Fla. Channel 9 has learned the nonprofit Hebni Nutrition Consultants, based in Parramore, will create cheap jerseys a mobile farmer's market bus that will give low income neighborhoods a chance to purchase fresh produce.

“In these areas, the residents tend to be older, less educated, so the health of these areas are directly related to the produce and lack thereof in the area,” said Glen Providence of Hebni Nutrition.

Buying produce isn't cheap, which is why the prices on the mobile unit will come in a lot lower than at traditional farmer's markets, according to Channel 9's Bianca Castro.

The bus will accept food stamps, and organizers admit that produce sales alone won't be enough to keep their operation afloat.

In fact, Castro learned money troubles caused the Chicago Fresh Moves buses to temporarily put the brakes on the program.

Local organizers said they'll rely on grants and said the $150,000 taxpayer investment will pay off.

“Your tax dollars are also going to the hospital to help pay for the people who can't afford their care and it's a lot cheaper to do preventive on the front end than to pay for them on the back end when they end up in the emergency rooms,” said Providence.

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