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And the traditions of AA have slipped

25. Jula 2014. u Nekategorisano

And the traditions of AA have slipped into popular culture, with even many who never attended a meeting able to mimic the rituals of first name introductions. Organisers also encourage their members to refrain from speaking about any issues that come up in meetings. A message on AA's website states: “AA is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual alcoholics who turn to the fellowship for help.

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Like your mother or the Social Security system, Vino's is too easily taken for granted. The fact that there's a place in 2014, anyplace, where you can fill your belly with two cheese slices for four bucks is fairly remarkable. It's a straightforward, workhorse institution: pizza, calzones and lots and lots of beer, much of it brewed on the premises.

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